Synopsis of the Day's Event
The Science of Healing - synopsis of the May 1st Forum
by Dr. Nelie Johnson

The May 1st Forum - It's Time to Heal - was agreed by many to have been a resounding success.  It delivered on its intention to advance an expanded model of disease that includes the impact of unconscious thoughts, emotions and beliefs and thereby creates a climate of personal empowerment and possibility for healing.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, the morning keynote speaker, gave a dynamic and brilliant presentation of the science that supports this model.  In his breakthrough research at Stanford University's School of Medicine from 1987 to 1992 he uncovered the truth about the role of genes.
The medical model that genes were in control was incorrect.  His findings revealed that genes control nothing - they provide a blueprint only- whereas environmental factors signal proteins in the cell to direct which genes are to be activated.  In other words, environmental signals adjust gene expression so that the individual can adapt and survive maximally in the environment.  This is the core concept of a new science of epigenetics - (epi = 'above', so above genetics).

Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Lipton emphasized that your experience and what happens to your health is not determined by our genes.   You are not a victim.  You can develop the ability to respond in healthy, life-enhancing ways to your environment. 

The current medical model is two-dimensional and there is a third dimension which is invisible.  It is the dimension of energy - of thought, emotions and beliefs - and of uncertainty.
However, where there is uncertainty there are infinite possibilities.  This is the field of quantum mechanics, non-linear thinking or holistic thinking in contrast to Newtonian physics and linear thinking.   Dr. Lipton discovered that only quantum physics was able to explain the behaviour of living cells and organisms.  

What controls your response to your environment is your mind.  For Bruce Lipton,  the function of the mind is to create coherence or agreement between beliefs and your experience.  You have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.  The conscious mind has a creative function and gives expression to your wishes, desires and aspirations.  The subconscious mind that holds programs acquired through conditioning, habitual thoughts and experiences and instincts.  It is a record and playback mechanism.  

There is a million times more nerve activity in the subconscious than in the conscious mind.  This means that if you have the thought - 'I am successful' and subconsciously the belief is 'I am not worthy of success', you are not going to experience success in your life.  That is the power of subconscious programs, of subconscious beliefs.   We all play subconscious programs and until they are rewritten they persist.   

The afternoon keynote address by Adam McLeod, molecular biologist and author of 'Intention Heals',  blended beautifully with Dr. Lipton's morning presentation.  In speaking about beliefs, he emphasized that we are in control of how we perceive our environment and our perception of our environment influences the expression of our genes.   Adam further emphasized the importance of treating the root cause of the disease - and that there is a strong emotional root cause to every disease - and of treating the person as a whole.

Adam uses and teaches the method of visualization to guide and influence the emotions and to synchronize or bring into coherence the conscious and subconscious mind.  He has participated in a number of studies to prove that intentions - directed goal-based thinking - combined with visualization can have powerful healing effects.  Healing is a process and sometimes all that is needed is an extra little push provided by intentions to get it started and keep it going.  

In his brief introduction to using visualizations and intentions, Adam recommended first that you understand the physical problem, then understand the body's mechanism for healing and understand what perfect health looks like - in other words, know what you are working towards.  

In the afternoon, a panel of practitioners revealed some of their experience using the 'quantum model' of disease.   Dr. Teresa Clarke, physician and acupuncturist with Inspire Health, an integrative cancer care centre in Vancouver, gave an overview of the varied approach the centre offers based on quantum principles and the impact of the invisible factors of thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Michael Fisher, international practitioner and teacher of Resonance Repatterning, described the extensive healing traditions that have contributed to the formulation
of this method for very quickly and effortlessly accessing the subconscious programs and beliefs that are not aligned with the person's desires and aspirations and bringing them into agreement or coherence - a key theme that both Bruce and Adam addressed.

Final speaker on the panel was myself and I shared the real nature of disease and  the understanding that for every disease, from colds to cancer, there is a stress energy profile or associated core emotional conflict.   Healing becomes possible when awareness is brought to the underlying, subconscious patterns of stress and a shift in perception and a letting go of the stress energy occur.   As an example of the process, I interviewed a patient of mine who healed over 30 years of a recurrent genital herpes virtually instantaneously when she understood the impact of the original stress that she had lived and the biological meaning of the condition.  

It was a great day of sharing the science and experience of healing.  

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