Dr. Nelie Johnson
“Why do people get sick? How can they heal?” These were questions Dr. Nelie Johnson, a practicing family physician in Maple Ridge, near Vancouver B.C., since 1982, began asking herself some 20 years ago, early in her career. Despite the many strengths of Western Medicine, it did not offer enough answers and Dr. Johnson sought for them elsewhere.

Her calling became that of facilitator for healing and her passion that of opening the path to healing for people, moving them from fear and despair toward empowerment as their own healer. Nelie believes that the natural response of the body is toward healthy balance and healing. What gets in the way are fears, unresolved emotional events, buried emotional wounds and associated misperceptions and beliefs. Her mission is to bring people to their own awareness of these blocks to their well-being and support them in letting go the emotional baggage so they may engage the powerful healing life force within.

Nelie believes that we have all the answers we need, that we are the very experts we are seeking, and that we are our very own healers. She knows from her experience that there are enormous untapped potentials for healing ourselves – at whatever level of ‘dis-ease’, illness or disease. Key to her approach is the understanding of the link between emotional distress or conflict and disease or ‘dis-ease’.

Since 1991 Nelie has trained extensively in various modalities of healing and has been sharing this knowledge of healing in seminars and workshops for the last several years and providing guidance to individuals in their healing journeys. She has developed additional skills in supporting people in the emotional release and energetic shifts that occur with healing.

Dr. Johnson was a presenter at the Spirit Heals Conference in Victoria, BC in May last year and is increasingly sought after speaker.

Wherever she can, Dr. Johnson delivers her stunning message of this breakthrough understanding of the true nature of disease and how any person can step out of fear into full empowerment as their own healer. The era of healing becoming the norm rather than the rare exception has arrived.

Nelie Johnson, BSc (Hon Biochem) 1971, MD (UBC 1976)